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We want to repeat this same proven process with you and help you kickstart your journey within 2-3 months, helping you become a certified designer this year!

After 4 years of teaching designs to over 400+ individuals, and building a 500+ designer community, we have noticed a few things.
One of these could be your case.

Is this you currently?

What if you could

Listen to some students from our just concluded cohort. They have amazing testimonies!

Why did we start this bootcamp?

Teaching so many students over the years has helped us craft the most effective way to teach UXUI to absolute beginners, we have put together different pieces, and after multiple trial and error, learning and iteration, we have figured it out! The UXUI Accelerator course!

What's in store for you in this bootcamp

Unit 1

Fundamental of UX design

Understand: Principles of design

Develop a strong foundation by understanding the principles that guide the design of everyday things, this will be done in a design sprint.

Explore: Design thinking process

Explore end to end overview of the UX design thinking process, starting with an understanding of how to approach design problems and how to begin empathizing with users.

Discover: Industry tools

Learn how to use Figma and other industry-standard tools used by UX/UI designers and leading companies around the world to build amazing products..


Test your knowledge with Interactive excercises, Workshop, QnA sessions, and prcatical tasks according to the completed unit.

Key skills: Design principles, Design thinking, Prototyping tools

Unit 2

UX Research

Discover: Detailed UX research

Learn how to perform effective customer research as a Product designer and define your target customers as personas to gather insights for your user-centric product design strategy.

Understand: Planning and defining your research

Understand the role of Information Architecture, sketches, wireframing and task flows in in optimizing your solution and identifying bottlenecks early.

Perform: Testing and iterations

After planning your design solution, build and test a functional prototype. Learn how to conduct user testing and how to gather useful insights to improve your user-centered product.


Identify a common problem around you, Perform a detailed research, define your reserch and prepare personas of an ideal user for this product.

Key skills: UX Research, Agile methodology, User Testing, Personas, Empathy mapping

Unit 3

Understanding UI Design & Prototyping

Discover: Design systems

Understand the fundamentals of a design system, Style guide, Component and pattern libraries, and how It enhances visual consistency across products.

Perform: Create UI Interface

Review case study of a sample high fidelity web and mobile prototype, understand the role UI design plays in a digital experience and bring your work to life by learning and applying key UI/UX design concepts.

Understand: Prototyping & Interactions

Master the core principles of interaction design and the importance of making products both functional and aesthetically appealing. Use Figma to assemble and share clickable wireframe


After identifying and defining your research in unit 2, Create a mini style guide and UI for your new product.

Key skills:  Prototyping, Interactions, Style guide, App design

Unit 4

Professional development

Understand: Handoff & Developer collaborations

Now that you have built your product, Learn industry practices to sharing your work with developers and effectively collaborating on designs.

Perform: Assemble a UX case study

Showcase your design process to potential employers through your design case study which you’ll design and build yourself.

Explore: UX interview prep

Talk about the journey into self development, lack of a clear structured learning process and quality learning.


Assemble a UX case study from the product you built in Unit 1,2 & 3.

Key skills: Design handoff, Portfolio development

100% Virtual live classes, 2 Physical workshops + Other bonuses.

We hold 100% virtual live classes enabling you to learn from wherever alongside other budding designers, After your program, you’ll get the chance to showcase your work to industry experts and potential employers on our demo day.

These are some other bonuses you if you act now!

Bonus 01: Community Access

A community of of already trained designers where you get to learn from UI/UX industry experts

VALUE: #25,000


Bonus 02: Internship Opportunities

Get first hand working experience as a best student to intern for a tech company after course completion (For best students)

VALUE: #50,000


Bonus 03: Certificate of completion

Showcase your certificate across your profiles and earn the right to be identified as a Verdac Alumni

VALUE: #5,000


How much do you think all these will cost?

  • The total value of the UI/UX ACCELERATOR COURSE IS #260,000
  • But, you won’t pay anything close to that because our goal is to help you learn a design tech skill and earn a living off it and not get you bankrupt literally.
  • We know the journey to self-development and establishing a career path is tough for an average African Youth.
  • Poor learning systems, overly expensive tuitions, etc makes it difficult and contributes to the unemployment rate across the continent.

Beginners' Bootcamp



Limited time offer of 50,000

A perfect start for newcomers to design. Beginner-friendly, no prior design skills required. bold

Advanced Bootcamp



Limited time offer of 100,000

For designers with little experience with UI design and want to to dive into the world of UX in a professional level

Price change alert!

Discounted pricing is only limited while space is available. The bootcamp prices will return to normal value once cohort is filled. 10 of 20 participants already registered!

These people have had first hand experience of the value we offer

They have joined our past bootcamps and they have amazing things to say about us!

Want to join the ever growing list of our amazing students? Click the link below to register.

Made by our students

What our students say about us

Take a dive into the reviews of amazing designers who have passed through our training

I started my design journey with Verdac, their teaching skill and detail is second to none. I will absolutely recommend to anyone looking to start or improve their design skill.

Ezekiel Ariyo

Graphic & UI designer

I remember how much I wanted to be a designer but I had no idea where to start. All that changed when I started learning here. It was the beginning of a dream come true

Oluolagunju Ayo

UI/UX designer

Working with other people via the Internet was a highlight for me, I enjoyed the communication approach of the instructors and the valuable course materials provided.

Daniel Oluwatomilayo

Graphic designer

It was great to have an expert guiding me through tips and techniques. I also appreciate the exercises given to us to absorb skills before moving on to the next course outline.

Peter Taiwo

web developer & UI designer

I partook in the Verdac design class in 2019 and It was a great start for me. The assignments were eye-opening and the class gave me the opportunity to dig deeper into design fundamentals.

Folaju Olumide

Graphic designer

Going  through the lessons is eye opening for me as an upcoming designer. I started using new software after enrolling for the course and designing was made really easy for me.

Omotola Temitope

Graphic designer

I personally enjoyed working with the resources shared with us and I like the fact that the facilitators are always eager to answer questions whenever I’m stuck on any project.

Gabriel Aborisade

Digital Marketer

I attended the classes in 2020 and learning with Verdac was the beginning of an interesting journey, it helped me kick off my design career and I’m eager to learn even more

Olawoyin Olayinka

Graphic & UI designer

Why is UXUI one of the best tech career path?

You might wonder why UXUI? Answer is that you can do it without bothering about code, your education level or career path or background.

High Demand

High Demand: In today's digital age, UXUI has become a critical factor in the success of any product or service.

No Coding Needed

No coding or code understanding needed, yet it’s one of the best tech careers

Remote Work Opportunities

You can work with any company around the world from the comfort of your home.

Transition Easily

Easy Transition from any previous experience or career path

Competitive salary

Companies are willing to offer competitive salaries and attractive benefits to attract top talent.

No certificate, No problem

Your certificate or education is not the most important, it’s your skill

How much do product designers make?
Based on experience levels.

How does the cohort work? how do i get started?

Step 01: Registration

Register for the upcoming cohort this month. you can start by paying just 70% upfront.

Step 02: Bootcamp

Start receiving virtual LIVE classes alongside other learners as part of the bootcamp

Step 03: Portfolio Building

Collaborate with other students to build projects as part of yout portfolio

Step 04: Certification

Complete and demo your project to get your certificate. showcase your certificate online!

Want to join the ever growing list of our amazing students? 

Click this link to register

Learn & build with industry standard tools!

Enhance your creativity, master your software skills with industry-standard tools 

Pay 70% at start, the rest in week 6, no pressure!

Comfortably spread your tuition by paying 70% upfront and balancing up 6 weeks after course kick off. If you require special assistance, please contact our Whatsapp helpline.

We are a step ahead, that’s what makes us different?

Our system is designed to make impact by equipping creative minds with easy and convenient access to quality design education

Accessible Learning

Regardless of your finances or location, we make design learning accessible to all. All you need is enthusiasm and commitment.

Experienced tutors

Our tutors have a vast background in the Design field, building products and mentoring. You are sure to learn from the creme de la creme.

Amazing Track Record

We have taught over 300 Designers who have worked with amazing companies across the nation and internationally.

Practical Curriculum

Our curriculum ensures easy understanding of design concepts and propels you to becoming an intermediate designer in a short time.

Alumni Support

We keep a close network with all our students – current and past, providing support to connect them with design opportunities around the globe

Beginner Friendly

We teach using simplified methods to achieve quick assimilation helping you become an amazing designer with zero prior knowledge

"I remember how much I wanted to be a designer but I had no idea where to start. All that changed when I started learning here. It was the beginning of a dream come true"

Ayomiposi Olagunju

UI/UX Designer

Let's face it, sources have shown unemployment in the nigeria and the world at large. Tech might just be your way out!

Let’s face it, the level of unemployment is increasing, there’s a high increase in foodstuffs, transportation, school fees and other basic needs, e.t.c.

Getting a job with the course you studied in school is a hard nut to crack, talk more of getting any job in general without some form of connection.  But learning a skill can take you steps further than you can imagine, and you don’t need to have any form of experience or degree from school, you just need a growth mindset and a willingness to learn and grow!

Got Questions? Here are some FAQs

Our system is designed to make impact in today’s economy by equipping creative minds with easy and convienient access to quality design education, propelling them to excel in their career and changing the future of design not just for their immediate community but globally.

Our instrustors are proven leaders in their field with many years of teaching/mentoring young designers and positively impacting the design ecosystem with their knowledge.

Of course. A certificate will be awarded to all participants at the completion of their course.

Our courses are designed to last for a period of 12 weeks per cohort.

While our classes are majorly remote, we offer 2 physical classes within each cohort allowing all participants fully engage and interact with one another and the Stack Leads/ Mentors.

It costs between N50,000 and 100,000 to participate in a course. This payment covers the entire 12 weeks learning cycle and can be paid in 2 installments.

You would typically need enthusiasm to learn, genuine interest in problem solving, a laptop and access to data to get started.

Our money back guarantee!
Our assurance of super efficient delivery!

We offer a 30 day 100% money back guarantee if we both don’t feel fulfilled after 30 days of your enrollment in the course. 

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