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This program is designed to equip you with both soft and technical skills that you require to excel in your data analytics career. In 12 weeks, you will go from beginner to job-ready!..

Module 1: Introduction to Data Analytics and Excel

Introduction to Data Analytics

a. Uncover the power of data: Learn what data analytics is and how it's used in various industries to gain valuable insights from information.
b. Explore the data analysis process: Discover the steps involved in data analytics, from data collection and cleaning to analysis and visualization.
c. Understand the benefits of data analytics: Grasp the importance of data analytics in today's data-driven world and how it can inform better decision-making.

Data Analytics Techniques and Tools

a. Master various data analysis techniques: Explore common techniques used in data analytics, such as data mining, statistical analysis, and data visualization.
b. Discover essential data analysis tools: Learn about different software and tools used for data analysis, including Microsoft Excel, SQL, and Python (brief overview).
c. Identify the right tool for the job: Understand when to use different data analysis tools based on the type of data and desired outcome.

Introduction to Microsoft Excel

a. Navigate the Excel interface: Get familiar with the basic layout of Microsoft Excel, including menus, toolbars, and workspaces.
b. Master data entry and manipulation: Learn how to enter and organize data in spreadsheets using different cell types, formulas, and functions.
c. Formatting for clarity: Discover techniques for formatting data and creating visually appealing spreadsheets for better data presentation.

Intermediate Microsoft Excel

a. Dive into advanced formulas and functions: Explore more complex formulas and functions in Excel to perform calculations, data analysis, and data manipulation.
b. Utilize data tables and PivotTables: Learn how to create data tables for what-if analysis and leverage PivotTables for efficient data summarization and cross-tabulation.
c. Enhance data visualization with charts and graphs: Discover various chart and graph types in Excel and explore how to customize them for impactful data visualization.

Introduction to Power BI

a. Harness the power of Power BI: Get introduced to Microsoft Power BI, a powerful tool for data visualization and business intelligence.
b. Connect to your data sources: Learn how to connect Power BI to various data sources, including Excel spreadsheets, databases, and cloud storage.
c. Build compelling reports and dashboards: Discover the basics of creating reports and dashboards in Power BI to effectively communicate insights.

Transform and Filtering Data in Reports

a. Shape your data for analysis: Explore data transformation techniques in Power BI, including cleaning, filtering, and formatting data for clear visualization.
b. Master data filtering: Learn how to apply filters in Power BI to focus on specific subsets of data and gain deeper insights.
c. Create calculated columns and measures: Discover how to create calculated columns and measures in Power BI to extend your data analysis capabilities.

Visualize Data and Explore Other Functionalities

a. Choose the right chart type: Delve into various chart types available in Power BI and understand when to use each for optimal data representation.
b. Customize and format your visuals: Learn how to customize and format charts and graphs in Power BI to enhance their clarity and visual appeal.
c. Explore additional functionalities: Get a brief overview of other functionalities in Power BI, such as creating interactive reports, sharing dashboards, and collaboration features.

Data Governance

a. Understand the importance of data governance: Grasp the concept of data governance and its role in ensuring data accuracy, consistency, and security within an organization.
b. Learn data governance principles: Explore key principles of data governance, such as data ownership, access control, and data quality standards.
c. Discover the impact of data governance on data visualization: See how data governance practices contribute to reliable data sources and trustworthy visualizations.

Introduction to Databases and SQL Basics

a. Dive into the world of databases: Learn what databases are and how they store and organize information for efficient retrieval and analysis.
b. Unravel the power of SQL: Get introduced to SQL (Structured Query Language) - a powerful language for interacting with relational databases.
c. Master basic SQL syntax: Grasp the fundamental building blocks of SQL queries, including keywords, clauses, and operators, for basic data retrieval.

Database Design Fundamentals and ERD

a. Explore database design principles: Learn key concepts of database design for creating efficient and scalable database structures.
b. Understand Entity-Relationship Diagrams (ERD): Discover ERDs as a visual representation of relationships between entities (data points) within a database.
c. Design your own database schema: Apply database design principles to create a basic database schema using ERD tools.

Querying Data with SQL

a. Craft powerful SELECT statements: Learn how to write SELECT statements, the core of SQL queries, to retrieve specific data from tables.
b. Filter and manipulate data with WHERE and ORDER BY: Explore WHERE clauses for filtering data based on conditions and ORDER BY clauses for organizing retrieved data.
c. Understand JOINs: Discover how to join tables using JOIN operations to combine data from multiple tables for a more comprehensive analysis.

Intermediate SQL Techniques

a. Learn advanced filtering with functions: Learn how to utilize built-in SQL functions for filtering, aggregation (e.g., SUM, COUNT), and data manipulation within queries.
b. Group data and summarize results with GROUP BY: Explore the GROUP BY clause for grouping data based on specific criteria and applying aggregate functions for summarized insights.
c. Understand subqueries and advanced joins: Get introduced to subqueries for nesting queries and advanced join types for complex data relationships.

Cleaning Data in SQL

a. Identify and handle missing data: Learn how to identify missing data (null values) and explore techniques for handling them, such as deletion, imputation, or replacement strategies.
b. Tackling inconsistencies and duplicates: Discover methods for cleaning inconsistent data formats and identifying and removing duplicate records from your database.
c. Data validation and normalization: Explore data validation techniques to ensure data integrity and delve into data normalization concepts for reducing redundancy.

Data Transformation in SQL

a. Manipulate data with string functions: Learn how to utilize SQL string functions for modifying text data, such as removing leading/trailing spaces, converting case, and extracting specific text portions.
b. Date and time manipulation: Discover functionalities for working with date and time data in SQL, including formatting, calculations, and extracting specific date/time components.
c. Advanced data transformation techniques: Explore more advanced data manipulation techniques, such as using CASE statements for conditional transformations and user-defined functions for reusability.

We hold 100% virtual live classes enabling you to learn from wherever alongside other budding techies, After your program, you’ll get the chance to showcase your work to industry experts and potential employers on our demo day.

This program is not for you if:

You are looking to bag jobs quickly without putting in the work

You can’t commit 6-8 hours a week for sessions and assignments

You don’t want to grow alongside a community of hustlers

You’re seeking theoretical learning and do not want to build a portfolio

You're searching for shortcuts rather than mastering core skills

You don't want to invest in your personal development

This program is tailor made for:

Individuals who love asking questions and uncovering insights from data.

People who understand that learning require putting in the work

Beginner data analysts who want to accelerate their growth

You love to put your lerning into practice and get hands-on

People from other career path trying to transition to Data analytics

Newbies trying to get into the data field.

Learn and build with industry standards tools

Enhance your creativity, master your software skills with industry-standard tools 

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What does a certification from Verdac Tech mean?

Verdac Tech certifications validate your skills and knowledge in your specific tech field. Since 2022, we’ve been committed to delivering high-quality, industry-standard education. Our programs are designed to equip you with the practical skills employers seek. We are at the top of our game, and our instructors are some of the absolute best in the industry. Learn from the best and gain a competitive edge.

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Verdac instructors are industry experts and at the top of their game in the tech world. They’re accomplished professionals currently working at leading tech companies. This means you’ll learn from practitioners who bring real-world experience and insights into the classroom.

What is the class schedule?

We understand you’re busy! Verdac offers flexible learning options to fit your schedule. Choose from part-time weeknights or weekend classes, or opt for our self-paced program for maximum flexibility. All programs provide comprehensive training within a set timeframe.

Why should I choose Verdac over other schools?

Verdac offers several advantages:
Gain a competitive edge with our industry-focused curriculum, taught by experienced instructors. Choose from flexible learning options to fit your schedule and learning style, and connect with a supportive community of learners and instructors for guidance and mentorship.

Is my background good enough to get started in tech?

Absolutely! Verdac programs cater to individuals with diverse backgrounds and career aspirations. We provide the foundational knowledge and practical skills needed to launch your tech career.

Can Verdac Tech provide custom training for my company?

Yes! Verdac offers customized training programs tailored to your company’s specific needs. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

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I remember how much I wanted to be a designer but I had no idea where to start. All that changed when I started learning here. It was the beginning of a dream come true
Ayomiosi Olagunju
Verdac Alumni
I partook in the Verdac design class in 2019 and It was a great start for me. The assignments were eye-opening, i was able to dig deeper into design fundamentals.
Folaju Olumide
Verdac Alumni
I personally enjoyed working with the resources shared with us and I like the fact that the facilitators are always eager to answer questions whenever I’m stuck on any project.
Gabriel Aborisade
Verdac Alumni
Working with other people via the Internet was a highlight for me, I enjoyed the communication approach of the instructors and the valuable course materials provided.
Daniel Tomilayo
Verdac Alumni
I started my design journey with Verdac, their teaching skill and detail is second to none. I will absolutely recommend to anyone looking to start or improve their design skill.
Ezekiel Ariyo
Verdac Alumni
Going through the lessons is eye opening for me as an upcoming designer. I started using new software after and designing was made really easy for me. more text needed
Omotola Temitope
Verdac Alumni
It was great to have an expert guiding me through tips and techniques. I also appreciate the exercises given to us to absorb skills before moving on to the next course outline.
Peter Taiwo
Verdac Alumni
I attended the classes in 2020 and learning with Verdac was the beginning of an interesting journey, it helped me kick off my design career and I’m eager to learn even more with Verdac
Olawoyin Olayinka
Verdac Alumni

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Pay in installment or in full, Get best in class learning for almost nothing!

Enroll now and unlock a world of opportunity.

Kickstart your tech career!

Pay in installment or in full, Get best in class learning for almost nothing!

Enroll now and unlock a world of opportunity.

Kickstart your tech career!

Pay in installment or in full, Get best in class learning for almost nothing!

Enroll now and unlock a world of opportunity.

Kickstart your tech career!

Pay in installment or in full, Get best in class learning for almost nothing!

Enroll now and unlock a world of opportunity.

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Africa’s untapped talent is ready to change the world. We’re making it happen.