Started from the will to be better and help others do the same

According to our Founder, Samuel Lasisi, learning design was a life-changing experience for him and he wanted others to experience this too. His passion has been to impact and transform the lives of others through helping them learn design and he never turned down the opportunity to do so.

He took initiative and started off in 2018 using various mediums such as Google classroom, telegram and even Whatsapp amongst others to facilitate learning and this has yielded amazing results.

However, with the growth of the learning platform and the need for a better structure to facilitate more solid learning – VERDAC was born.

The Problem

People should be able to learn design skills and earn a living off it!

In today’s world, the journey to self-development and establishing a career path is tough for an average African Youth. Vices like poor learning systems, overly expensive tuitions, etc make it even more difficult and contribute to the unemployment rate across the continent.

At VERDAC, we believe that design education should be accessible to everyone and the universe agrees with us. Research shows that demand for UI/UX and Graphic designers is expected to rise 14.9 percent over the next 10 years and 5% over the next 3 years respectively.

I learnt with versatile and it has It affected my career in tremendous ways. I now work with a major downstream oil and gas company as a Brand Manager as well as freelancing.

Oluwafemi Daniel

Brand Manager, Creative designer

Verdac- Learn UI/UX design

The Baby steps

In 2019, we created a free design course and the results were overwhelming

We launched the Versatile Designer Course in 2019. Our aim – To tackle unemployment through design education, producing remarkable designers to satisfy the growing opportunities in the tech space.

We had a mind-blowing turnup of over 250 students across Nigeria and to date, we still get positive reviews from the designers who have made careers in design through their learning experience with us. 

The rapid growth however was more than expected and there was a need to restructure not just to accomodate the growth but to ensure that the learning quality is not compromised. 

This is what Verdac is providing – a platform to  handle the exponential growth of our learners while availing them with the highest quality of design education, equipping them to be global design leaders.

We moved from WhatsApp to a learning platform; Google classroom, but I couldn’t catch up with others because of personal limitations. Even though I didn’t finish it then, I was never the same

Gabriel Aborisade

Digital Marketer & Strategist

I partook in the versatile design class in 2019 (but didn’t finish because of other engagements) so I joined again in 2020. It made a very great additon to my design skills.

Folaju Olumide

Graphic & UI designer

entrepreneur-waving-hello-video-call-conference-wearing-face-mask-wireless-earbuds-sitting-desk-startup-employee-presenting-himself-online-interview-using-laptop 1

A step further

The opportunity in a global pandemic

At the start of the pandemic, the world was set to a standstill with crisis hitting the wellbeing of millions.
People, businesses, and companies felt its impact and as a way of giving back, we hosted 2 free design training open to youths who were looking to start a career in design or tackle their unemployed situation. These classes were a hit – amassing over 150 students.

As we all know the aftermath of this pandemic, ushered in the remote work and skyrocketed the increase in demand for people with various skillsets – designers included.

VERDAC is aligned to help meet this global demand for designers through its training.

It was great to have an expert guiding me through tips and techniques. I also appreciate the exercises given to us to absorb skills before moving on to the next course outline.

Peter Taiwo

Graphic designer

Verdac- Learn UI/UX design

Where we are

We are building global design talents starting with you.

At Verdac, Our mission is to make design education accessible for everyone and equip the continent with a league of versatile designers, one lesson at a time.

We are building global design talents starting with you.


A career in design is waiting for you. Join the league of versatile designers today!

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